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Not only does Argentina's northwest province of Salta offer some of the world's best wingshooting and fishing, it also offers an entirely unique beauty, endless outdoor adventure and a distinctive culture that blends the old world with the new.


The Argentine people call the Salta province "Salta la Linda" - meaning Salta the beautiful.  Visit Salta and you'll understand how fitting that nickname is!  Striking and diverse geological features span the entire province.  From the west of Salta to the east, you'll find elevated plains, jagged mountains, wide valleys, canyon lands, rolling hills, expansive agriculture and even jungles.  






Brief History

The city of Salta, and province by the same namesake, was founded in 1582 by Spanish conquistadors to serve as an outpost between Buenos Aires and Lima, Peru.

In the early 1800's, Salta thrived as a commercial and military center-point.  After the Argentina War of Independence, however, the town found itself bankrupt and politically in shambles.  Salta's economy remained dormant for much of the 19th Century, but trade, commerce and agriculture was sharply revived with an influx of immigrants to the area in the early 20th Century.

Today, Salta's stable economy is based largely on agriculture and tourism.


Popular Attractions

Salta offers a diverse range of tourist attractions, based largely on the province's natural beauty, outdoor adventures, rich history and revered wine country.  Whitewater rafting, horseback trips, museum trips, hot springs, ancient Indian villages, casinos, resorts,


Salta the City

Salta is the thriving cultural and economic center of the province.  With 550,000 city dwellers and over 600,000 residents in the metro area, Salta serves as the thriving cultural and economic center of the province.  Salta is well known for its gourmet regional cuisines, regional arts, colorful festivals and preserved historical attractions.  Salta also has the area's largest airport, offering many convenient daily flights to/from Buenos Aires.


Cafayate - Salta's Wine Country

Cafayate is a small town approximately 2hr15min south of Salta.  The drive from Salta to Cafayate offers striking canyon land views and serves as the main town in Salta's thriving wine country.  Popular with tourists, the town offers vineyard tours, gourmet cuisine, trekking tours and more.


Tren a las Nubes (Train of the Clouds)

Perhaps one of the most famous trains - and train routes - in the world, Tren a las Nubes takes passengers for a ride literally through the clouds, the mountains and canyons of Salta.  At an altitude of 12,600 feet, the route is the third highest in the world.  In addition to the extreme natural beauty, the train takes you through countless tunnels and over dozens of bridges.  From April to November the train runs its normal touring route (the dry season) and from December to March the train runs from Salta to Deigo del Amagro (the rainy season).

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