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"I have been to Cordoba five times before and my analogy is that Cordoba is a Ford and Chacu in Salta is a Ferrari.

 Our trip was that good!" - C. Maloy   Winter Garden, Florida


The Golden Dorado is famous for being one of the toughest fighting freshwater fish in the world.  Known for punishing lures, attacking flies and making finger-burning runs, it's no wonder that Salta is attracting more and more international anglers each year.  Very few places in Argentina can offer comparable quality and quantity of fish.  Fly fishing, bait casting and spinning are all options.   Though it's possible to fish for Golden Dorado year-round, it is typically most consistent from March-June and mid August-December.


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Built in 2007, Chacu Lodge set a new standard for luxury hunting and fishing lodges in Argentina.  No expense was spared and no detail overlooked.  We want your time at our lodge to be as enjoyable and memorable as your time in the field. At Chacu Lodge you'll be treated to gourmet cuisine, fine regional wines and amenities normally associated with the world's finest hotels.  Our friendly hosts and house staff are as professional as they are welcoming.  You will come as a guest, but you'll leave as a friend.


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Traveling sportsmen will tell you that the dove hunting in Salta not only rivals, but surpasses, the dove hunting in Cordoba.  Chacu lodge is the ONLY licensed hunting lodge in the entire Salta province.  With ZERO competition and no pressure on the roosts, dove populations exceed 50 million.  There is no closed dove season and the shooting can be spectacular any day of the year.  Likewise, the pigeon hunting in Salta is unrivaled.  Huge numbers of spot-winged and Picazuro pigeons can be shot with the doves from May - September.


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