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Salta, Argentina    Superior Dove & Pigeon Hunting

Dove Hunting

For many years the province of Cordoba was considered "the dove hunting capital of Argentina."  But since 2005, the number of Cordoba-based outfitters has more than tripled.  This has put massive pressure on some of the area roosts and many of Cordoba's best dove hunting fields have gotten congested.  In fact, it's become commonplace to have competing Cordoba outfitters shooting side-by-side in the fields.


In Salta, there is only ONE legally-operating dove hunting lodge - Chacu Lodge.  With literally ZERO COMPETITION our dove hunters have the entire 620,000-acre Anta Valley at their disposal.   As part of a provincial contract, Chacu Lodge has 100% exclusive commercial hunting rights to Salta's many corn fields, soy fields, wheat fields, sunflower fields and peanut farms.  This means that all hunts are private and the variety of shooting venues is endless.


Pigeon Hunting

Very few places in Argentina can still offer throwback pigeon shoots…like they were back in the “good old days.” In recent years, pigeon populations (and pigeon shooting) have been on the decline in most parts of Argentina.  It has become increasingly difficult for most Argentine outfitters to offer consistent, high-volume pigeon shoots.  Salta, however, remains a pigeon paradise unrivaled elsewhere in Argentina. There are several things that make the pigeon hunting in Salta the best in Argentina, but most importantly is the fact that we are the ONLY operators allowed to hunt pigeons Salta - no competition means there is virtually no pressure on the pigeons.


The Salta Dove & Pigeon Hunting Experience


  • Dove populations in Salta have been estimated at over 100,000,000 BIRDS – Read Article

  • NO SEASON / NO LIMITS! - The Salta dove hunting season never closes.

  • Enjoy Argentina’s BEST pigeon shooting at Chacu Lodge.  Pigeons can be shot legally year-round, but the shooting is most consistent from May through September.

  • Chacu Lodge hunters enjoy easy access to the dove fields, with most drive times to the fields ranging between 10 and 30 minutes, rarely topping 45 minutes.

  • Guests enjoy both morning and afternoon bird hunts.  Sometimes lunch is taken at the lodge and sometimes in the field - between hunts, guests are treated to elaborate Argentine BBQs known as "asados.”  

  • In the field, each hunter is assigned a personal assistant who provides shells and refreshments.

  • After each day’s hunt, guests return to Chacu Lodge for cocktail hour and a gourmet dinner.

  • Typical Salta shooting itineraries include a half-day hunt on arrival, two or three full days and then a half-day hunt on departure.  NOTE – itineraries are entirely customizable.

  • Enjoy Argentina’s premier CAST & BLAST program – Golden Dorado fishing can be done any time of the year, but it best between March and June and mid August to December.

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